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The DoTS project is involved in several initiatives linked to the study, documentation and protection of biodiversity. See some of our actions.

Cerrado Rocket Frog

(Cerrado Rocket Frog)

livro é assinado por Pedro Peloso (nosso diretor), com ilustrações de Fran Matsumoto (finalista do prêmio Jabuti). 


Cerrado Rocket Frog

(Cerrado Rocket Frog)

Project focused on the study and conservation of the Cerrado Foguetinho Frog (Allobates goianus). Includes field expeditions, studies on pathogens and immediate and long-term threats (deforestation and environmental pollution), monitoring of populations, search for new populations.

The Sapo Foguetinho project is an initiative of the Boitatá Institute.

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Atelopus Survival Initiative

(Atelopus Survival Alliance)

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