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LIA, the traveling salamander



Huhthis book authored byPedro Pelosoand illustrated by the artistFran Matsumoto a small salamander (Lia) meets a swallow (Davi) and together they travel across Brazil to meet different species of frogs and tree frogs in danger of extinction. In addition to a charming fable, the text includes educational information about Brazilian biodiversity and the importance of its preservation.

O livro pode ser adquirido através na Livraria Torre de Livros (veja aqui)


obtido com a venda dos livros serão investidos na conservação dos anfíbios brasileiros

But where did the inspiration come from?
to create the characters?

Leah and David are based on the author's children. Those actors they meet during the adventure are based on real researchers. Each species is represented by a researcher who has a story linked to the conservation of the illustrated species. Each character includes, in a light and humorous way, characteristics of the honorees.

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