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River Pomba Helmet Frog

aparasphenodon dove  Assis, Santana, Silva, Quintela & Feio, 2013


Nyctimantis dove is a tree frog known from a single location in the state of Minas Gerais, in a private property not protected by law. The species is critically endangered.

The seas of hills have always been calm,

between the crowns the winds danced,

undulating in the rays of the sun.

There I was born.

It was no secret, I jumped everywhere

my red eyes in love

through the forest area where I lived.

So, I didn't even notice,

were less my descendants,

the forest falling in front of me,

I almost died.

I stayed on a piece of people's land

that if you fool around, it will soon disappear.

But I'm grateful for those who tried.

Thanks for the kind hands.



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