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Adelophryne maranguapensis Hoogmoed, MS, DM Borges-Nojosa, and P. Cascon. 1994

little frog from Maranguape

AB1_8333 - Pedro Peloso.jpg

Adelophryne maranguapensis  is a small frog known from a single location, Serra do Maranguape, Ceará. It inhabits the forest floor, but it can also be found inside bromeliads. Females lay eggs on the leaves of bromeliads, where the eggs develop into tiny frogs, completely skipping the tadpole stage.


Behold the beautiful Maranguape  

d discovers yet another distinguished resident.

And he's not a comedy giant!  


It's the giant of the forests,

t entando survive

in the remainder of the forest:

The Serra de Maranguape!


Down there, the town of Chico Anysio...

And on the way to Pico  of the gust,

O  last refuge of the little frog from Maranguape.

To the genius Chico,

    eternal life in our imagination!

For our little frog,

    that there is no lack of protection!


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